Find the Right Lifeline Medical Alert System for You

At home or on the go, we have a solution that fits your needs.

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Find the Right Lifeline Medical Alert System for You

At home or on the go, we have a solution that fits your needs.

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Lifeline is an easy-to-use medical alert system that lets you summon help any time of day or night – even if you can’t speak. All you need to do is press your medical alert button, worn on a wristband or pendant, and a Trained Care Specialist will make sure you get the help you need as fast as possible. Lifeline not only provides you with the #1 medical alert system but we also offer you peace of mind.

Dependability is key to peace of mind. That’s why doctors, hospitals, and professional caregivers trust our medical alert systems.

HomeSafe Landline with Help Buttons


Our most affordable press button option. Get access to the help you need 24/7/365 and uninterrupted support.

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On the Go System and Charging Cradle

On the Go

Single Piece Mobile System Includes 5 locating technologies to quickly pinpoint your location* and dispatch help.

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Find the Right System for You

Are you looking for a way to be protected and have peace of mind? Lifeline’s easy-to-use medical alert systems can help. Whether you’re looking for protection at home or on the go – we can help you find the right solution to fit your lifestyle.

Get started today by taking our short product selection quiz to see what system is right for you.

How Our Medical Alert Systems Work

Not all medical alert systems are created equal. Lifeline offers important features that can help keep you feeling safe in ways other medical alert systems don’t.

With a Click of a Button

Call for Help

Call for Help

As soon as you press your help button, or a fall is detected, you are connected to our North America-based, owned, and operated Response Centers.*

Hear a Reassuring Voice

Hear a Reassuring Voice

A caring Trained Care Specialist, available 24/7/365, will quickly assess your situation and determine what help to send to you.

Help is On the Way

Help is On the Way

Our Trained Care Specialist will dispatch the help you need; from a neighbor, family member, or emergency services, and will follow up to confirm that help has arrived.

Our Sales Consultants are ready to help you find the right solution.

The Lifeline Service

At the heart of our service is a lightweight, waterproof* help button that quickly connects you to our owned and operated Response Centers 24/7/365. Then, a Trained Care Specialist will access your personal care plan, assess your situation and dispatch the help you need whether from a neighbor, nearby loved one, or emergency services. They will also follow up to make sure that help has arrived.

The Lifeline Equipment

When choosing between the On the Go and HomeSafe systems it is best to assess which solution fits your needs.

HomeSafe provides help at the press of a button in and around your home. Our optional automatic fall detection technology calls for help after a fall, even when you can’t.*

On the Go is a single-piece mobile alert system that includes multiple advanced locating technologies, fall detection capabilities, and 2-way voice communication. On the Go provides coverage and support wherever you go.*

What Does Lifeline Cost?

The monthly cost depends on the type of system you choose, but whether you choose our On the Go or HomeSafe system, you will receive the same dependable, industry-leading service.

You pay for your service only while you need it, you can cancel anytime with no cancellation fee. Our customers do not sign a long-term contract, there are no hidden costs and there’s no need to buy additional equipment.

Lifeline offers nationwide coverage, available throughout the U.S. Please remember that although a cell phone may seem like a cost-effective alternative to a medical alert service, it can’t replace one.

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